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My first trip to Scotland happened in 2003, when I was 22, and it went down like this. My buddy Tim and I shared pints in the Rathskeller of the Great Dane bar in Madison, Wisconsin as we neared graduation from college. I’d never been to Europe and I had to borrow money from my generous older siblings to make it happen. I packed my things, hopped an Aer Lingus flight to Dublin, and promptly got sick.

After struggling through a week in Ireland, I flew to Edinburgh and got my first taste of Scotland. Even ill as I was, the place was bewitching, beguiling, and beautiful — all those “be-” words. I took the train north to Inverness, and for a time Scotland’s natural beauty made me forget my pummeled constitution. The sickness was getting worse, exacerbated by unexpected pangs of homesickness, and by the time I got down to Glasgow I’d swallowed my pride and booked a flight home. The last two weeks of my trip were forever relegated to the “what could have been” limbo.

Still, I had fallen in love. Scotland had worked its way into the center of my consciousness. There was so much to see and do, and I only had the smallest scrap of experience there. I realized that, sick or not, I had been woefully unprepared. I remember thinking, “I wish I’d had someone to help me get the most out of that trip to Scotland.”

If this thought is running through your mind, well, you found that someone.

In the years since that fateful first trip, I’ve spent a year’s worth of time (and counting) ranging across Scotland as an explorer and hunter of fine experiences. Why not let me, a detail-oriented travel consultant focusing solely on Scotland, share my first-hand experience, deep knowledge, and unshakeable passion with you to help ensure your trip to Scotland is one you’ll never forget?

I offer several consultation services designed for travelers of various levels of preparedness. Check out the summaries below — I’m sure you’ll find one that meets your needs.

Itinerary Review (click for pricing and details)

This service is ideal for those who have detailed itineraries and simply wish to have my expert review. When you submit an itinerary to me, I will review your plan in detail with an eye toward smoothing out logistics, identifying optimal alternative stops, and offering suggestions for additional activities that align with your interests.

Travel Consultation (click for pricing and details)

A travel consultation is ideal for those who have some idea of what they’d like to see and do in Scotland but require some hands-on help and advice putting it all together. I prepare my recommendations for your trip based on a questionnaire you submit. Then, during our hour-long video call, I go over my recommendations and answer any questions you might have before sending you the information via e-mail.

Custom Itinerary and Travel Consultation (click for pricing and details)

The custom itinerary and consultation is perfect for those who want to go to Scotland but are happy to have an expert like me put together the whole itinerary, day-by-day, built with their interests and needs front and center. This bespoke package will be delivered to you via e-mail so you’ll have time to look it over before we hold our call to walk through the details and answer questions.

Here is my advice – DO THIS! His knowledge is a tool you cannot afford to pass up and it will save you countless hours stressing over books, maps and websites. Who better to turn to than someone who has been to the country many times and has immersed himself in their culture, history and regions? Who better to guide you than someone who wants you to experience the best of that country, tailored specifically to YOUR interests? How often can you get first-hand knowledge of accommodations, car companies, pubs and eateries and historical sites from just one source AND be able to ask any question that comes to mind. This one service will save you so much in the long run, not to mention, give you peace of mind. –Lynn Porter

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