State of the Savage: November 2015

November 25, 2015 by Keith Savage
View from the western shore of Loch Linnhe, Lochaber, Scotland

The holidays are once again upon us, and I am deep in the planning process for another trip to Scotland. I spend a lot of time searching out unique and high-end accommodations and those are invariably the type that book up quickly. I’m planning six months ahead and for the type of travel I need/like to do it’s right on the edge of being too near the travel date.

Yeah, too near.

If you’re thinking about planning a trip to Scotland or contacting me for consultation services, I recommend you start no later than a year from your travel dates… Read more...

Eat Here Now: The Cobbles

November 18, 2015 by Keith Savage
The Cobbles Freehouse & Dining in Kelso

No matter where I travel in Scotland, I always seem to find a local pub that becomes my safety net if I run out of food options or I’m just too tired to search them out. This is no special skill of mine — Scotland is loaded with homey, cozy pubs providing top-notch beers and surprisingly good food. Whether you’re tramping across the northwest highlands or exploring the borderlands of the south you’ll find these places among the glens and hills.

Many years ago while I was in Edinburgh I happened upon a brewery by the name of Tempest. If my recollection serves, I was at the Bow Bar and ordered an Elemental Porter. Creamy, dark, rich, and expertly balanced… Read more...

Scotland Itinerary Ideas: Lochaber & West Highlands

November 11, 2015 by Keith Savage
The view over Loch Leven, Lochaber, Scotland

A couple of years ago I rolled out a series of Itinerary Ideas articles that highlighted different areas of Scotland. When I’d written as many as I could, I couldn’t help but notice there were still some glaring holes on the map, little wastelands of knowledge here on my site. It was this process that kickstarted the planning of my subsequent trips – I needed to dig into and explore these areas in more depth, and so I hit the road this past spring to ferret out some of the great visitor experiences in Lochaber and the west highlands. Read more...

Hiking in Glen Nevis: Steall Falls and the Nevis Gorge

November 4, 2015 by Keith Savage
Steall Falls and the Nevis Gorge, Lochaber, Scotland

The area of Lochaber and northern Argyll is overflowing with beautiful highland hikes. Places like An Torr and the Signal Rock in Glencoe and the Fairy Bridge of Glen Creran will remain clear in your memory long after you’ve returned home from Scotland.

Today I’m detailing one of the most popular hikes in the west highlands, and, according to some, one of the best short hikes in all of Scotland: Steall Falls and the Nevis Gorge. Fort William is the primary town in this region, and, while it isn’t very compelling, magnificent Ben Nevis, Britain’s tallest mountain, looms over town. The small C1162 leaves the A82 and delves southeast into Glen Nevis… Read more...

#NoFilter Edinburgh with London City Airport

October 28, 2015 by Keith Savage
Dusk in Edinburgh's Old Town, no filter

This month I was honored to judge #NoFilter Edinburgh — a photography competition run by London City Airport — which challenges bloggers to showcase the best of the city without using filters to enhance the images. Edinburgh is such a historic and elegant city, its beauty shines through without needing hours of touch ups or filter apps to improve its atmospheric facades.

Take a look at some of the unfiltered images from the competition below, along with thoughts from each of the entrants.

If you feel inspired to pay a visit, you can check out my itinerary ideas for a host of things to do in Scotland’s most beguiling city. Read more...