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Looking for other interesting stories from travelers around the world? Check out these blogs that I regularly read.

1000 Places to Fight Before You Die. Mike and Luci go on a pilgrimage each year to find a new place to fight and nurture their relationship. Twitter: @1000fights

501 Places. Andy’s been to over 70 countries after years of traveling, and 501 Places serves as an inspiration to others seeking to explore the world. Twitter: @501places

The Adventures of D. Diana’s traveling the world in the midst of a no-holds barred brawl with a 30-life crisis. And she’s winning. Twitter: @dtravelsround

Adventure Rob. Rob bid farewell to the UK and opted for a life in Australia and the South Pacific instead. Twitter: @adventurerob

Adventures with Dan. Dan can’t seem to make up his mind about what he wants to do, but he does seem to like travel. Twitter: AdventuresWdan

Adventurous Kate. Kate is a freelance writer from Boston who is traveling or thinking about travel pretty much every second of the day. Twitter: @adventurouskate

AirTreks. AirTreks provides multi-stop international air services and runs a great blog. Twitter: @AirTreks

Ali’s Adventures. Ali went to all seven continents before the age of 30. What’s next? Stop by and read. Twitter: @AliAdventures7

All About Abroad. That notorious English trio of Will, Nikki, and Kar are back with another blog all about abroad. Twitter: @all_abroad

Almost Fearless. An inspiration to all travelers, Christine’s blog catalogs her journey from office slave to globetrotting freelancer. Twitter: @almostfearless

As We Travel. Nathan and Sofia call Sweden home but they’re usually off gallavanting around the globe. Twitter: @aswetravel

The Aussie Nomad. Chris is kissing his career goodbye – he’s got a date with round-the-world travel. Twitter: @theaussienomad

Backpacking Matt. After college Matt took a gap trip before joining the working world. The thing is, he pretty much hasn’t come back. Twitter: @backpackingmatt

Backpacking Travel Blog. Samuel and Audrey are the cheapskate travel blogging couple. Twitter: @BackpackingTB

Bacon Is Magic. Ayngelina is brushing the dust off her dreams and hitting the road. With a pocket full of bacon, no doubt. Twitter: @Ayngelina

Be on the Road. Sankara comes straight out of India with a great blog about travel and photography.

Beers and Beans. Beth and Randy serve up helpings of fantastic photography and informative travel articles. Twitter: @BeersandBeans

Best Places In… Pedro’s been to more than 70 countries and he’s capturing it all on film. Twitter: @Bestplacesin

Beyond Disney Travel Tips. Katherine uses Disney to explain the type of travel she pursues: the real, immersive experiences the rest of the world offers. Twitter: @BeyondDisney

Bitten by the Travel Bug. Nicole hails from Adelaide, Australia and is hitting the road to cure her travel bug. Twitter: @NicoleTravelBug

Bob and Janette’s Travels. Bob and Janette’s personal travel site sharing real experiences from real travellers.

BootsnAll Independent Travel. Boots n All is a venerable community of independent travelers filled with top-notch articles, deals, and community forums. Twitter: @BootsnAll

Borderless Travels. Ian (aka Yak) is working his way around the globe in pursuit of his love for travel. Twitter: @borderlesstrvls

Boreding Pass. Ollie updates Boreding Pass daily with original, candid photography from places near and far.

Born 2 Travel. Mark and Stefy are a couple of passionate, Italian travelers intent on enriching the world and themselves.

Brooke Vs. The World. Brooke is a twenty-something from central Illinois who won’t stop traveling until she’s seen it all. Twitter: @brookeschoenman

Camels and Chocolate. Kristin is a professional travel writer and celebrity journalist who might have the Guinness record for most frequent flier miles. She gets extra points for Edinburgh being her favorite city. Twitter: @LunaticAtLarge

Campervan Trips. This site collects information on traveling around the world by campervan.

Candice Does the World. From the shores of Newfoundland, Candice is plotting her gambit for world domination. Or was it world travel? Twitter: @candicewalsh

C’est Christine. Christine is indulging her Francophile passions by spending the next six months in France. Twitter: @camorose

Cycling El Mundo. Antonio and Amanda are riding their bicycles around the world on an epic adventure to fulfill their dreams. Twitter: @Cyclingelmundo

Daily Propaganda. Kurt is making his way around the world, sharing his writing and photographs in an effort to contribute his view of other cultures to the global community.

A Dangerous Business. Amanda loves to get lost in travel, letting the road take her where it will. And she’s a Tolkien nerd like me. Twitter: @DangerousBiz

Dave’s Travel Corner. Dave’s Travel Corner is a content and resource provider chock full of travel articles, photographs, message boards, link, and much more. Twitter: @davedtc

Eileen Barish’s Monastery Lodging Blog. Eileen canvasses Europe for ideal lodging in monasteries – awesome accommodation ideas! Twitter: @eileeneeo

Everything Everywhere. Robo-nomad and fellow Wisconsinite, Gary has been criss-crossing the map for years. Twitter: @EverywhereTrip

ExploGuide. ExploGuide was born from a small band of explorers wanting to travel off the beaten path while creating a responsible and fair exploration tourism model.

Fevered Mutterings. Mike’s got the unfortunate travel niche in an iron fist, and he tells some riotously funny stories to boot. Twitter: @mikeachim

Flip Nomad. Flip is a nomad from the Philippines sharing travel stories around his country and others. Twitter: @flipnomad

foXnoMad. Anil’s travel blog is meant for those who love the journey as much as the destination. Twitter: @foxnomad

Freedonia Post. After 20 years in the tourism industry, Joel is taking a bike around Europe and beyond. Twitter: @magicant

From Here to Uncertainty. The Redpath family packed up and took a one-way trip to Europe. Twitter: @TheUncertainty

The Future Is Red. Leigh is an American expat living in Salta, Argentina and shares her insightful writings on The Future Is Red and Matador Network. Twitter: @thefutureisred

Gap Year Escape. Amar created Gap Year Escape to pursue his dream of indefinite world travel. Apparently dreams do come true. Twitter: @GapYearEscape

Getting Stamped. Fellow Wisconsinites pack it in and decide to travel the world for the year. All cool except…what about Packers games? Twitter: @GettingStamped

Global Basecamps. The folks at Global Basecamps are dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and simplifying independent travel to the world’s most beautiful and important destinations. Twitter: @GlobalBasecamps

Globetrooper. Todd and Lauren created Globetrooper to help travelers find travel partners for group trips and world adventures. Twitter: @globetrooper

The GlobeTrekker. Robert works for a major airline and funnels the perks into his passion for seeing the world. Twitter: @globetrek79

Globotreks. Norbert is a professionally-trained architect getting a new education traveling on the road. Twitter: @GloboTreks

Globetrotter Girls. Jess and Dany are two girls from different worlds exploring this one together. Twitter: @TravelWorkLive

Go Backpacking. David runs this highly informative travel blog. Twitter: @rtwdave

GoSeeWrite. Michael beat the legal game and booked his way around the world. Twitter: @mobilelawyer

Green Around the Globe. Keith and Amy took a year off to travel the globe and explore the meaning of sustainability. Twitter: @keithsutter

Greg Goodman, Travel Photographer & Storyteller. A journey awaits. Twitter: @GregGoodman

Grounded Travel. Andrew is a thirty-something US expat living in Germany and seeing Europe. Twitter: @groundedtravelr

Hike Bike Travel. Leigh packs over three decades of travel experience into her adventure itineraries.  Twitter: @hikebiketravel

Hop and Jaunt. Aly and John are designing a new, location independent career path as traveling designers. Check out my banner – they’re good at what they do. Twitter: @hopandjaunt

Johnny Vagabond. Wes is on a year-long round-the-world low budget adventure full of lies. Twitter: @JohnnyVagabond

The Jungle Princess. Abby ditched the big-city life for a spot in tiny Playas del Coco, Costa Rica though she hasn’t stopped freelancing up a storm. Twitter: @AbbyTegnelia

LL World Tour. Lisa kissed goodbye a successful TV production career and hit the road for more than four years! Twitter: @llworldtour

LandLopers. Matt is your typical Gen-Xer following the travel path out of the office world. Twitter: @LandLopers

Lash World Tour. Lash has been traveling around the world for more than 12 years, and she’s still going.

Legal Nomads. Ex-lawyer and world traveler, Jodi’s been around the world and conquered some harrowing challenges. Twitter: @legalnomads

The Longest Way Home. Five years and counting, Dave is on a quest to find home. Maybe he’s already found it. Twitter: @TLWH

Luxury Backpacking. Kass has been traveling the world since he was a child and now blogs about intellectual, independent, and luxury travel. Twitter: @BackpackerKass

Maiden Voyage. Emily completed her maiden voyage long ago and has since cris-crossed the map in search of her travel fix. Twitter: @TheMaidenVoyage

Man on the Lam. Raymond is on the lam from the everyday life and pursuing the nomadic lifestyle. Twitter: @manonthelam1

Man vs. Clock. Travel site written by an English boy focusing on world travel and laughing in the face of fear. Twitter: @manvsclock

Monkey Brewster. Cornelius Aesop is a monkey with a penchant for beer that’s planning a mission to travel around the world. Twitter: @CorneliusAesop

My Travel Affairs. Marysia is dedicating her time and energy to unconventionally exploring the world in search of amazing people and adventures. Twitter: @MyTravelAffairs

Nerdy Nomad. Kristy has been traveling since January 2008, living off her earnings from the web. Her site is both interesting and packed with good tips. Twitter: @travoholic

No Onions Extra Pickles. Ashley is a budding art historian melding her love of art and travel at No Onions Extra Pickles. Twitter: NOnionsXPickles

No Place To Be. Poi and Kristy are squirreling away cash so they can shove off on a round-the-world trip. Twitter: @NoPlaceToBe

Nomadic Chick. Jeannie kicked the cubicle and hitting the road as a traveling gypsy. Twitter: @nomadicchick

Nomadic Matt. Matt’s site is packed with travel tips and reports from around the world. Twitter: @nomadicmatt

Nomadic Samuel. Samuel escaped the cubicle by never entering one, and he’s been traveling the world since his early 20s. Twitter: @nomadicsamuel

Nomadical Sabbatical. Pete’s part of the new vanguard quitting the corporate gig and seeking adventure and meaning on his own terms. Twitter: @nomadsabbatical

OneStep4Ward. Johnny Ward graduated from university in 2006 and has been on the road since. In the last 4 years he has traveled, worked, studied, volunteered and backpacked through more than 50 countries around the world. Twitter: @onestep4ward

Ordinary Traveler. Ordinary Traveler is the Web site of a couple in their thirties who work normal jobs and still find the time to visit amazing places. Twitter: @OrdinaryTravelr

Our Oyster. Jade has left the rural confines of Manitoba with a mind toward exploring the world. Twitter: @our_oyster

Over Yonderlust. Erica and Shaun are dreaming about a future of travel and doing their utmost to make it a reality. Twitter: @OverYonderlust

A Pair of Panties and Boxers. Monica is a passionate New Yorker with a lust for travel. Twitter: @monica530

Perfect Travellers. The three women at Perfect Travellers have seen much of the world and are using their blog to document their wandering minds and feet.

PhotoJBartlett. Jeff Bartlett is a travel writer and photographer. Twitter: @PhotoJBartlett

The Planet D. Dave and Deb are Canada’s adventure couple, and they’re showing everyone you don’t need to be an ironman to be active and adventurous. You just need to get off the couch. Twitter: @theplanetd

RTW Backpackers. These seven backpackers from the UK have joined forces to share their backpacking tips from the road (nevermind the alcohol on their breath).  Twitter: @RTWBackpackers

The Road Forks. The stories of two foodies, Akila and Patrick, traveling the world. The photos are so scrumptious you can almost smell the food. Twitter: @theroadforks

Roamalicious. A travel blog for all the foodies out there! Twitter: @onestep4ward

The Roamantics. Lorna is a freelance documentary filmmaker jetting around the world and taking it by storm. Twitter: @theroamantics

Roaming Tales. Caitlin is a travel writer with a penchant for cooking and eating. Her blog is chock full of travel goodness. Twitter: @roamingtales

Romancing the Planet. Karthik got his MBA but now makes traveling the world his work. Twitter: @romancing planet

Roni Weiss. Roni’s been around the world and continues to make tracks while producing a video travelogue and travel blog. Twitter: @roniweiss

The Runaway Guide. Leif has the spirit of a vagabond and it seems he’s not afraid to cross into the illegal to satisfy his travel urges. Twitter: @TheRunawayGuide

Runaway Juno. Juno’s blog documents a Korean engineers love for travel and her exploits as she travels the world. Twitter: @RunawayJuno

Sam and the Dunes. Alex and Hanna, a Russian and a Swede, live in the Sahara with their desert dog Sam. Does it get more interesting? Twitter: @samandthedunes

Seat of Our Pants. Jamie and Martin are in the midst of a 14-month jaunt around the world. But who’s wearing the pants? Twitter: @SeatOfOurPants

Smiling Faces Travel Photos. Daily travel photo featuring smiles from around the world. Twitter: @nomadicsamuel

SoloFriendly. Gray is a champion of solo travel and her blog provides a variety of thought-provoking tips and interviews on the subject. Twitter: @SoloFriendly

Southern Cone Travel. The blog of guidebook author Wayne Bernhardson, a true sage of Chile and Argentina.

Suzy Guese. Suzy is traveling the world (with occasional return trips to Italy) with a red-headed temperament. Twitter: @suzyguese

Tipsandtrip. This site provides tips for travelers from travelers.

Top Backpacking Destinations. Tom caught the travel bug in Honduras and now he’s on a mission to make backpacking easier for everyone. Twitter: @BackpackerBoy

Tourist2townie. Gareth gave upstate New York the pink slip and jetted off to Buenos Aires to see if he could become a townie. Twitter: @tourist2townie

Trans-Americas. In 2006, Eric and Karen checked out of their jobs and embarked on a 5-year odyssey to photograph and write about the Americas. Twitter: @TransAmericas

Travel Addicts. Balancing convenience, cost, and adventure to get in as much travel as the “real world” allows. Twitter: @TravelerAddicts

Travel Dudes. Melvin and the Travel Dudes have put together a deep site by travelers for travelers. Twitter: @traveldudes

Travel Notes. Photo travel journals from different parts of the globe.

Travel Photographs. Hans shares beautiful photographs from around the world.

Travel Reportage. Hailing from Italy, Giulia is jaunting around the world and sharing her experiences and photographs, looking for new homes. Twitter: @giuliaccia

Travel Squire. The folks at Travel Squire combine a custom travel planning service with a sophisticated travel magazine. Twitter: @TravelSquire

Travel Yourself. Cailin is a wizkid videographer and the creator of the travel show Travel Yourself. Twitter: @CailinONeil

Travelbllgr. Jen and Ben contracted a deadly case of wanderlust; symptoms include quitting your job. Twitter: @travelbllgr

TravelholicA – The Best Addiction. TravelholicA is the blog of a Brazilian travel junkie. Twitter: @TravelholicA

Traveling Canucks. Cam and Nicole, hailing from British Columbia, completed a round-the-world trip and now share their adventures, stories, and experiences. Twitter: @travelcanucks

Travelling King. Sam and Pete offer traveling tips for affordable luxury. Twitter: @Travellingking1

Traveling Triplets. Kylie, Lisa, and Megan are identical triplets tackling the globe together. Twitter: @traveltrips3

Travelling Blogger. Kar is a restless guy looking to share his adventures and experiences from traveling the world. Twitter: @TravBlogger

Travelocafe. Laura has made Valencia, Spain her home and continues to add to the more than 130 places she’s visited in Europe. Twitter: @Travelocafe

Travels of Adam. Adam is wandering graphic designer currently on a round-the-world trip. Twitter: @travelsofadam

Trip Temptation. In their own words, TripTemptation is all about capturing the most beautiful and sexy parts of traveling. Twitter: @TripTemptation

Twenty-Something Travel. Steph is grinding away at a desk job as she saves for travel. In the meantime, her site is a gorgeous display of tasty travel bits. Twitter: @20sTravel

Two Backpackers. Aracely and Jason are on a backpacking journey around the world. Twitter: @TwoBackpackers

Two Go RTW. Kathryn and Daniel are preparing to go round the world from Canada in July 2011. Twitter: @twortw

Two Yuppies and a Passport. Marc and Lyndsi are a couple of twenty-something yuppies from Charlotte, NC with dreams of traveling the world. Twitter: @twoyuppies

Uncornered Market. Dan and Audrey are road warriors providing insightful stories, gorgeous culinary photography, and incredibly detailed accounts of their travels. Twitter: @umarket

Unhook Now. World Travel Adventures to 100 countries – Helping people escape their 9 to 5 routines and realize & afford their travel dreams. Twitter: @wdunlap

Vagabond Roots. Catia traded her possessions for experiences as she left Canada for destinations unknown. Twitter: @VagabondRoots

Vagabond Quest. Dina and Ryan have been traveling around the world since April 2009 and are still going. It’s their dream to be permanent travelers. Twitter: @VagabondQuest

Velvet Escape. Keith is a thirty-something traveler writing about his experiences and inspirations in more than 60 countries. Twitter: @velvetescape

View from the Pier. After 25 years in a career that defined her, Meg set sail to find and follow her bliss. Twitter: @ViewfromthePier

Virtual Wayfarer. Alex shares his intellectual musings and travel stories at his site, Virtual Wayfarer. Twitter: @AlexBerger

Wandering Earl. Earl’s been on the road for a decade-long trip spanning 67 countries, six continents, and a bazillion jobs. Twitter: @WanderingEarl

A Wandering Sole. Laura is putting her soles to the ground as she runs her way around the world for 8 months. Twitter: @awanderingsole

Wandering Trader. Marcello has been working for freedom his entire life. He’s unlocked the secret through day trading and now wanders the world. Twitter: @Wanderingtradr

Wanderlass Travels. The Wanderlass is casting off the mold of society and now stands on the verge of her dream trip. Twitter: @wanderlass

Wayne on the Road. Wayne is hitting the road with his sights set on seeing all North America has to offer. Twitter: @waynestadler

Where Is Jenny? Jenny is a graphic designer, photographer, writer, entrepreneur, skateboarder, and world traveler soon to be location independent. Twitter: @whereisjenny

Where the Hell Is Rory? Rory’s in the midst of a dream to travel the world. I’m guessing he’s not sorry he quit the cubicle.

Wild About Travel. Simon shares his travel experiences as he plans his next getaway. Twitter: @1step2theleft

Will Peach. A ruffian of the likable sort. Kind of like the Han Solo of travel. Twitter: @willpeach

The World Is My Jungle Gym. Brendan’s travel blog focuses on conveying the visceral experiences of travel. Twitter: @brendanvanson

The World Is…Our Oyster. James and Jade have taken the plunge toward living a travel lifestyle, and they want to help you do the same! Twitter: @our_oyster

World Travel for Couples. Adam brings a fresh voice to his writings about traveling for couples. Twitter: @aseper

yTravelBlog. Caz and Craig are a couple of unorthodox Australians seeing the world on their own terms. Twitter: @yTravelBlog

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