Traveling Savage is a blog designed to provide readers with useful information about and meaningful experiences in Scotland. Readers experience a diverse array of content on Traveling Savage, including travel narratives, travel tips, reviews of accommodations, activities, gear, and books, inspirational photos, and poetry, all unified by a single authoritative voice.

Site Statistics (as of August 2013)

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Who’s Reading?

Readers from more than 140 countries come to Traveling Savage for inspiring and informative tales of travel, especially related to Scotland. Most of the traffic to Traveling Savage originates in the following countries, in order of most traffic to least traffic.

  • United States of America
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Advertising Policy

Traveling Savage offers options for advertising. Reviews and sponsored posts are assessed on a case-by-case basis and will be fully disclosed and evaluated honestly within the post. Please contact me for further pricing and review information.

Press Policy

I do consider and accept press trips and compensated meals, stays, and activities on a limited basis. I disclose any compensated experiences fully to my readers, and I evaluate these experiences objectively. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Guest Post Policy

I do not accept unsolicited guest posts on Traveling Savage at this time.

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