October 2010

Above the Clouds

Friday is my last day at work. Beyond the obvious oncoming lifestyle changes there’s a feeling of renovation. There’s an internal change, too. One that reminds me of an old fixer-upper or a set of antique furniture painted and re-painted through the generations. You pull on your work jeans and boots, cast tarps about, and load in the tools. Then the anticipation – the apprehension – at what you’ll find beneath the old wallpaper and layers of paint.

What will I find? To what structure will life adhere without the typical work days and morning alarms and commutes. Rather than being anxious about this, I am elated at what feels like a move toward a more natural state for me. Read more...


The Days of Wonder

by Keith Savage · 49 comments

Days of Wonder

Two weeks from now I will be on a plane bound for Buenos Aires. I will have turned in my work laptop, stuffed my things into a box, and said goodbye to my job of seven and a half years.

I will have packed some clothes and gadgets into a couple bags, checked for my passport and ID, and hugged Sarah for uncounted breathless moments before kissing her goodbye.

I will have ventured into a foreign expanse, a crisp opening chapter waiting for the tread of my feet to pound out new stories. Read more...



…since my earliest memories, I have always yielded to the clock. Punctuality is the implacable force guiding my daily life. Any deviation – any lateness – and my cortisol levels shoot up in sync with my ire. And all around me everything is a ghost, unnoticed and unseen. The only experience is one of expectation, a continuous yearning for the future. What a horrible affliction for a traveler… Read more...


Trackpacking: Four Tet

by Keith Savage · 7 comments

Four Tet

…Four Tet is actually one man: Kieran Hebden. Mr. Hebden’s calling card is his powerful application of melody and emotion within loosely-followed electronic music structures. While excellent zone-out music, it bridges genres and defies classification… Read more...


Hope Is for the Future

by Keith Savage · 30 comments

The sun setting on hope

“…when I think deeply about the nature of hope, I see something tragic. Since we cling to our hope in the future, we do not focus our energies and capabilities on the present moment… Hope becomes a kind of obstacle. If you can refrain from hoping, you can bring yourself entirely into the present moment…” Read more...