August 2010

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…the week away confirmed the importance of momentum in making a career break. Allowing myself to get sucked back in almost laid waste to the mental architecture I’ve built up in the last nine months. But it still stands, and there’s no clearer sign I’m on the right path… Read more...


Tourism’s Slow Death

by Keith Savage · 27 comments

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…in the process of ratcheting up my desire to travel, the signs of tourism, like a sea of billboards along the road, have robbed me of that sought-after feeling of cultural displacement. And it’s driving me away… Read more...


A Thousand Voices

by Keith Savage · 3 comments

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A thousand voices of the wind called to us across the royal expanse of Lake Superior. The tiny town of Bayfield lay prostrate in the gales and tumbled down the hill toward the frigid waters. Its piers and docks like the arms of man in submission… Read more...


Giving Notice

by Keith Savage · 36 comments

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…I was filled with a startling hope. That when it came time to clean out my mental garage, when it came time to discard all of the thoughts and worries and fears associated with my current position, I would notice the details of the life around me that had gone ignored and unseen for so long… Read more...


Trackpacking: Radiohead

by Keith Savage · 5 comments

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…Without fail, Radiohead’s music is emotionally affecting, and it’s this aspect that makes it such an excellent travel companion. Traveling and music share an emotional core, and the best of both puncture our leathery shells and resuscitate our emotional selves… Read more...