The Alhambra, Granada, Spain

I’d forgotten what May was like in Wisconsin. The still-cool air mixed with warm sunshine, the lilacs and peonies flowering, and the amazing sunsets make this month one of the best in my home state. The last six or so years I’ve been gone at this time traveling somewhere: Scotland mostly, but also France, Spain, and Switzerland. This year it’s June that gets shipped abroad. Traveling Savage is going on vacation to Spain and Norway!

Over the last ten years Sarah has really turned me on to southern Spain, especially Granada (her favorite city). It’s a multicultural city in a majestic setting with incredible weather and some of the best damn eating and drinking to be had in Europe. This will be my fourth visit to Granada and I can’t wait to indulge in tapas and red wine. Read more...

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Keith in a Glasgow Puddle

In January 2012, most of my life disappeared in the game Skyrim. The game is heavily influenced by Norse mythology, and the game world is so engrossing that I found myself enjoying little things in-game, like collecting herbs and basic foodstuffs. Something about the simplicity of the food struck me with envy: There were fruits, vegetables, meat, and some herbs and spices. No complexity, no nefarious chemicals. I thought about the people inhabiting Skyrim and how they couldn’t help but burst with vim and vigor eating such a pristine diet (I had also been reading many books on the modern American industrial food system at the time).

I remember this moment clearly, for it was when the idea for my book hatched. Read more...

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Post image for Long Gone but Close to the Bone

…at the time, six weeks was an unfathomably long vacation. As the trip wore on I could almost feel the worries and fears and mundane things taking up mental space flaking off like old dried paint. In their sudden absence I felt acutely aware of my values… Read more...

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Post image for My Top 3 Travel Secrets

The travel-blogging chain letter aimed at exposing travelers’ three best kept travel secrets has landed in my lap, thanks to the inimitable Suzy Guese. The idea was kicked off by Tripbase and has spread through the travel blogging community like the bird flu. Thankfully, I’m not getting sick; instead, I just need to step into […] Read more...

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The Poetic Road

by Keith Savage

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…the familiarity of the sentiment – of ignoring fears, of boldness – rang all too clearly in my ears as the inverse of how I was living. Guilt pools behind the sharp edge of such realizations… Read more...

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