If you’ve been following this series, you’ve got a good idea of where you want to go in Scotland, when you’re going, and how much time you want to spend. This fourth piece – how much the trip will cost – is often the linchpin in these plans.

I’m just going to lay my cards on the table now: the United Kingdom is not the most cost-effective destination. The Sterling Pound is one of the most valuable currencies in the world, which means your dollars and cents will need some buddies to make up the difference in costs (at the time of writing, $1=£0.62).

But this is no excuse to gnash your teeth, curse the heavens, and scrap your plans. Read more...

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Argentine Pesos and Centavos

The time after a trip is filled with all kinds of denouement. Of particular importance to most travelers, especially those who are self-employed and need to file accurate taxes, is the health of the travel budget. Of course, if you’re looking at your budget for the first time after the trip, you’re probably not going to be happy. You might regret the week-long string of five-star steak dinners or buying that section of the vineyard that 10 years from now will yield your namesake wine.

During my month in Argentina I found a daily reconciliation of expenses to be a critical 10-minute exercise. In fact, this practice coupled with some useful tools helped me stay on budget to the tune of spending 87% of the $3,500 allotted for this trip. Tips, tactics, and breakdown below. Read more...

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…since I decided to make the leap from working someone else’s dream to working my own, money’s been on my mind a lot. Too much in fact – I agonize over even the smallest purchases, but it’s all in the name of living the dream… Read more...

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Post image for What Are You Saving Your Money For?

…so what were we saving for? For saving’s sake. Because that’s what responsible adults do. For the possibility of impending disaster. Reading it on the screen and boy, that’s a fearful way to live… Read more...

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