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Stills and Barrels at Glenfiddich

Making the decision to quit my steady job and reach for a passion was hard.

Very hard.

It required me to believe – not kinda-sorta-think-I-can-do-it, but really believe – in my abilities and to hang consequences on any failure to achieve my goals. It’s so much easier to avoid crossing that line, to continue on in a comfortable life with the mushy half-belief you might have what it takes to capture a dream. But the decision is only the first difficult obstacle; even when you’re walking the walk, there’s always a shadow of doubt trailing behind. Read more...

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Cutting Board and Cleaver


A cleaver sinks into a wooden block stained with a spectrum of red. Bits of gristle and flesh shoot out from the impact in tiny arcs.


A rough hand rotates, adjusts, and flips the carcass as the blade flashes down, an arbiter of division.


The bird dissolves into quarters. Seconds later the cutting board is fringed by cast-off slivers of meat marbled with fat. A stringy bit of skin dangles off the corner.

THWACK!

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Giving Notice

by Keith Savage · 36 comments

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…I was filled with a startling hope. That when it came time to clean out my mental garage, when it came time to discard all of the thoughts and worries and fears associated with my current position, I would notice the details of the life around me that had gone ignored and unseen for so long… Read more...

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The Goodbye Traveler

by Keith Savage · 34 comments

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…I once read in a guidebook that you should always assume you will return to the place you are currently visiting…allow me to give you some new advice: travel as though you might never return… Read more...

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I’ve spent a lot of time over the last month thinking about the nature of traveling, the process, and why so many people love to travel. It’s been on my mind as I plot a new course for my future, one that would involve travel as its core pursuit. I found it odd (and somewhat disconcerting) that I had trouble identifying my specific motivation to travel… Read more...

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