The Beach at Unst, Shetland, Scotland

Two years ago this month I wrote my first State of the Savage post, and it has been a regular feature ever since. I use these posts to pull back the curtain on Traveling Savage and share my thoughts and proto-plans, to give you a taste of what’s been and what’s yet to come. I definitely don’t show as much appreciation to you for reading as I feel, so let me blunt: THANK YOU for reading and for your support. It means a lot in this wild and uncertain world of full-time blogging.

Perhaps a little retrospective is in order because a lot has changed since February 2010. Back then Traveling Savage was a mere two months old, and my plan to leave the corporate world to travel the real world was a scant week older than my blog. The entire idea was hush-hush as Sarah and I bided our time… Read more...


The Traveling Savage Standing on Casks at Bruichladdich Distillery

As the first frosts come to Wisconsin, I’m reminded that in five days it will have been one year since I left my corporate job. That’s a major milestone and cause for a reality check. But first, a celebration of all the traveling I’ve done in the last year!

I kicked off Traveling Savage by spending five weeks in Argentina in November and December of 2010. It was my first time traveling solo, my first trip to South America, and a million other firsts that resulted in greater cultural and self awareness. I split time between Buenos Aires and Salta all while sharing meriendas and asados with ex-pats and locals. Argentina was revelatory, difficult, exuberant, and transformative.


Change Is in the Air

Change is in the air. I’m on the brink of kissing 2010 goodbye and greeting a mysterious 2011 with hopeful eyes.

But what a year it’s been!

The preceding 12 months have been a blur of saving money, working and quitting my steady job, blogging a bunch, trip planning, and traveling around Argentina. Follow-through has been something I’ve been dreadfully short on in the past, so I’m proud to have identified a dream, worked hard toward it, and followed through on the first few milestones. I’m not there yet, and I believe the best dreams are almost always unattainable. They leave no room for complacency and keep us striving for the next great achievement. Read more...


Salta's Plaza 9 de Julio

It’s hard to believe my month in Argentina has come and gone. Seems like just yesterday I wrote a post thinking through my options, and now I’m writing a post-mortem for the trip.

My month in Salta (with a few days in Buenos Aires) was an intense learning experience filled with many challenges. This is not to say I didn’t enjoy the trip: I met incredible people, ate delicious meals, and experienced unique cultural events on a near-daily basis. But this first trip of Traveling Savage will be remembered as the journey that tested my solo travel resolve, mental toughness, and ingenuity, and the one that set the bar and measuring stick by which future trips will be devised and judged.

I’ve distilled a few overarching observations from the month abroad below. Read more...


Asado in Argentina

So you’re in Argentina and you’ve been invited to an asado. Lucky you! You’re not a vegetarian (right?) and you love succulent meat! It’s juicy and tender whether char-grilled or broiled. You eat steaks, and Argentina’s got steaks that stand toe-to-toe with Kobe and Wagyu beef.

I can already see you dreaming about aged filet mignon. Well quit it.

Sure we know how to grill in the United States. Hamburgers and steaks are as American as apple pie and bad credit. But asado isn’t really about steaks (in the classical sense) and we don’t do asados. Not even close. Read more...