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For planners, half the fun of a vacation occurs before it even starts. Perhaps you’ve got ideas where in Scotland you’d like to visit but are having trouble weighing them against other options, finding the right number of nights to stay in each place, or choosing the right activities. Or maybe you’re frozen with analysis paralysis — everything in Scotland looks fantastic! — and don’t know where or how to start planning your trip. You just know you must come to Scotland and you need help.

An hour-long travel consultation with me is the perfect answer to these troublesome questions. I’ll provide my expert advice and thorough experience on all things Scottish, such as:

  • Itinerary construction and travel pacing to mesh with your personal needs and desires, including which places to go and how long to spend there.
  • Recommendations for activities and interesting sites aligned to your interests.
  • Hidden gems I’ve found on my travels.
  • Advice on common questions like expected weather, packing tips, transportation options, and which passes to purchase.
  • Guidance and cultural pitfalls for first-time visitors.

Vacations are a rarity by their very nature, and if you’re planning a trip to Scotland you know the financial cost of such a trip is not a small one. Nothing’s worse than a mediocre trip where you know you just missed the highlights. I’ve helped people from around the world avoid that pit trap, people who believed that the comparatively small cost of “great trip insurance” was a good idea. Learn from my experiences before you leave so your trip will be smooth as highland cream.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your recommendations. We are back from Scotland and had a fabulous time. Your suggestions were incredibly helpful and we enjoyed following along many of them, as well as using them as a basis to jump around and try things we found while just exploring. We commented throughout the week about how great it was that we’d found you and how different our trip would have been had we just tried to plan on our own. To anyone considering working with Keith – I can’t recommend him enough! -Laura Horne

How It Works and What to Expect

  • First, you’ll fill out this questionnaire and submit it. The more detailed you are the better!
  • After receiving the questionnaire, I’ll contact you to let you know I’ve received it, possibly ask a few follow-up questions, and send along an invoice.
  • Once I’ve received payment, I get to work putting together recommendations for your trip to Scotland based on your interests, needs, and travel parameters.
  • When I’m finished putting together my recommendations, I’ll email you so we can set up a time for our hour-long Skye/FaceTime/voice call.
  • During the call, I go over your trip in detail, answer any questions you might have, and get you really excited about your upcoming trip to Scotland.
  • Following the call, I email you my recommendations so you don’t have to take notes during our talk. If you have any questions down the road, feel free to email me and I’ll be happy to help.

We just returned from 8 days in Scotland, using the itinerary recommended to us by Keith. I am SO GLAD we went with our gut and reached out to Keith for his help. Planning a trip to Scotland is deceptively difficult. I’ve planned travel without assistance to 5 other European nations – ones where English isn’t even the native language! – and found it less challenging than Scotland. Having Keith look at our interests – which were all over the map, literally and figuratively – and boil it down to something that was achievable made our trip a success. We loved our call with him – we were bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm for the trip afterwards – but having him a quick email away when I was putting together the final details was such a relief. All of his recommendations were excellent. -Tammy Wannemacher


Travel consultations are $149 payable by Paypal or credit card.


To ensure you get the most out of the call, travel consultations are designed to be held between me and one to two other people. Since I help people all around the world, I am extremely flexible when scheduling calls and can be available any day of the week at any time. If you think a travel consultation would be helpful for your next trip to Scotland, fill out this questionnaire and get the process started!

Keith’s advice was invaluable in helping plan out my brief Scotland trip. If you’re debating whether or not to use Keith’s service, do it right away! For the cost of dinner, you can gain valuable, experienced knowledge and ensure your trip is a success. -Cole Sikes

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