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Along the Islay Cliffs

Have you put together an itinerary for your trip to Scotland but feel a little unsure about it? Perhaps you’d like the security of having my expert eyes locked onto it for a detailed analysis and recommendations to ensure your visit to Scotland yields the best experience possible?

It can be difficult to plan a trip using second- and third-hand sources. All too often every place sounds amazing, and this makes informed decisions difficult. If you’re worried you’ve left out important destinations, hidden highlights, or even the little things that make the memory, my itinerary review service might be just what you seek.

This service allows me, an experienced travel planner and frequent traveler to Scotland, to analyze your travel plans and offer recommendations that will smooth out logistics, identify optimal alternative stops, and provide additional activities that align with your interests to maximize your time and money in Scotland.

I had a fairly good idea of my itinerary, theoretically, but was baffled by logistics like whether/when to take a car or train? What might it be like learning to drive on the opposite side of the road? What was the *real* travel time between locations? Where should I stay and how should I figure out length of time to spend in each accommodation based upon what I wanted to see? Keith managed to both encourage and reassure me about my plans. I felt like he was really listening to what I personally was seeking in the journey, and he responded with attention to details that would make my visit to Scotland as fun and streamlined as possible, and with minimal worry on my part. -Darla Palmer

How It Works and What to Expect

You’ll begin by filling out the submission form below and attaching your itinerary. Please note what areas are giving you trouble! Once I’ve received your itinerary, I’ll contact you just to confirm I received it, possible ask a few questions, and send along an invoice. After I’ve received payment, I’ll buckle down and begin the process of analyzing and scrutinizing your itinerary.

As I’m reviewing your itinerary, I’ll consider:

  • Given your preference for depth or breadth, are you packing in the right amount of destinations and activities?
  • Does your journey follow the most logistically efficient route?
  • Have you selected the most appropriate stops given your interests?
  • How can I enhance your itinerary to make it sing?

During this review I may recommend things like:

  • Activities and sites that may be of interest but are missing from your itinerary.
  • Alternative destinations that will provide a more enriching and satisfying experience.
  • Ways to fill in gaps in the itinerary.
  • The most efficient modes of transportation in each region.

When I’ve completed my review, I’ll email you an organized list of my recommendations and tweaks to make your itinerary rock solid and your trip to Scotland positively awesome. If you have any questions or require clarifications, you can feel free to email me and I’ll provide final answers.

It was VERY obvious that he knows his stuff…and that he has a great love for Scotland. I did have some initial concerns that with our original schedule, we might have planned “too much, too quick.” Keith acknowledged that feeling, but instead of simply telling us to “cut this” or “do that,” he made some recommendations to consolidate a few things to where we’ll have a chance to slow the pace down and “stop and smell the roses”…and yet still see most of the areas we had originally planned on. While it would have been quite easy for him to simply glance over our itinerary and give us a simple “Looks good” rubber stamp, he treated us the same way he would treat someone who didn’t have any travel experience in Scotland, or hadn’t done any pre-planning. -Neil & Stella Mackey


Itinerary review is $99 payable by Paypal or credit card.

What a great find Keith Savage is! My wife sent our proposed itinerary to him and he reviewed it before our session and he had many thoughtful and helpful suggestions. Keith clearly loves Scotland and loves sharing his experience with others! Great experience! -Rob & Terri Burkham

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