MoraySpeyside Tourism – Sponsorship Study

Findhorn Bay in MoraySpeyside

A representative of Scotland’s MoraySpeyside tourism board organized my week-long stay in the region in early May 2011. MoraySpeyside Tourism’s high-level goal was to shine the light on this part of northern Scotland, which is typically known for its whisky, and to increase the visibility of this region’s outstanding tourism assets; specific keywords and hashtags were not provided. Activities, accommodation, and many meals were covered by MoraySpeyside Tourism.

Published Articles

Articles from this trip were posted between June 1, 2011 and July 20, 2011.

Audience Engagement & Sponsorship Legacy

In addition to nearly two months of continuous coverage on Traveling Savage, I engaged my Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and other networks in real-time whenever possible during the trip to share photos, tips, and interesting tidbits not covered in my articles.

In total, the articles stemming from MoraySpeyside Tourism’s sponsorship garnered:

  • 178 tweets on Twitter
  • 163 likes on Facebook

For this particular sponsorship, the article Benromach: Rocking the Boat in Speyside was republished in the Benromach whisky trade magazine at the request of Gordon & MacPhail, Benromach’s parent company.

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