On the Kentucky Bourbon Trail in Clermont, Kentucky

When it came time for me to start planning my trip to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, I was comforted to find that, in many ways, it mirrored Scotland’s Malt Whisky Trail. I should clarify. I was a tad na├»ve on my first pass through the Malt Whisky Trail when, as I drove through Speyside’s green hills, I noticed many distilleries not mentioned as part of the trail. These were not mere oversights; while a nice service to tourists in the region, the Malt Whisky Trail is also a membership program that distilleries must pay into to reap the benefits of the publicity.

And so it is with the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, which is a program of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association (KDA) to promote the Bourbon industry in Kentucky. I mention this upfront so that you understood there are other distilleries in Kentucky that are not officially part of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Read more...

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Argentine Pesos and Centavos

The time after a trip is filled with all kinds of denouement. Of particular importance to most travelers, especially those who are self-employed and need to file accurate taxes, is the health of the travel budget. Of course, if you’re looking at your budget for the first time after the trip, you’re probably not going to be happy. You might regret the week-long string of five-star steak dinners or buying that section of the vineyard that 10 years from now will yield your namesake wine.

During my month in Argentina I found a daily reconciliation of expenses to be a critical 10-minute exercise. In fact, this practice coupled with some useful tools helped me stay on budget to the tune of spending 87% of the $3,500 allotted for this trip. Tips, tactics, and breakdown below. Read more...

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