The Meadows, Edinburgh, Scotland

I had a “deep thought” today as my dad and I drove out of Edradour distillery on our way to the 1,200-year old Pictish Aberlemno Stone in Angus. You see, I’ve been digging at my obsession with Scotland and trying to understand the basis of its origin. I was a psychology major after all. But why no love for the good old USA? Surely the States’ natural beauty measures up to Scotland. Home sweet home has plenty of attractions like the Kentucky Bourbon Trail…um, Wall Drug, and…the Corn Palace? I kid, but seriously, what’s the deal?

Enter the “deep thought.” America is like blended whisky and Scotland is like single malt whisky. That could be the Edradour talking but stick with me. Read more...

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Luxury Apartment in Edinburgh

In just over a month I’ll be touching down in Edinburgh for three weeks of cultural immersion. Auld Reekie, as it used to be known, is one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in Europe. Many of my recent posts have touched on intriguing aspects of this beguiling city, and maybe they’ve started you thinking about making a quick jaunt over to bonnie Scotland.

I’m happy to announce that I can help you out!

HomeAway Holiday-Rentals and Traveling Savage are offering one lucky reader/visitor the chance to win a week’s stay in a luxury two bedroom apartment in Edinburgh… Read more...

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The Cartographer App

I’m new to the fanciful world of iPhones. So when I purchased my first device this past September in anticipation of my series of trips abroad, the first thing I did after taking home the iPhone 4 was ask Michael Tyson what apps were must-haves for travelers. You see, he provided some professorial comments on my post about choosing a world phone back in July, and it turns out he’s the muscle behind an app development shop called A Tasty Pixel. Just a couple of weeks ago they launched their newest app, The Cartographer. Read more...

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What’s Your Story?

by Keith Savage · 46 comments

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I’ve spent the last ten months telling you my story, explaining my approach to travel, and showing my plan to travel the world. In exactly one month’s time I will be on the ground in Buenos Aires beginning the next great chapter in my life. I’ll have left a comfortable job, hit the road solo without my wife, and generally put myself in numerous unfamiliar and unpredictable situations… Read more...

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Post image for An Historic Conversation with Seneca

…We need to bestir ourselves; life will leave us behind unless we make haste; the days are fleeting by, carried away at a gallop, carrying us with them; we fail to realize the pace at which we are being swept along; here we are making comprehensive plans for the future and generally behaving as if we had all the leisure in the world when there are precipices all around us… Read more...

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