February 2015

Melrose Town from Melrose Abbey

The Scottish Borders do not get their fair share of the tourism limelight. When visitors to Scotland begin scripting their itineraries, the mythic grandeur of the highlands unfurls to the north of Edinburgh and Glasgow and so go their travels. All too often that span of land between Scotland’s cities and the English border are struckthrough and not even given an honest thought.

I understand.

I’ve helped dozens of people plan their trips to Scotland in the past six months, and it’s hard to find the time to go south when most of Scotland lies to the north. Read more...

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Behind the Roxburghe Hotel, Kelso, Scottish Borders, Scotland

Last week I took you on a lavish tour of the Roxburghe Hotel, one of the Scottish Borders’s most atmospheric, luxurious, and comfortable accommodations. I explored my massive suite, soaked in the ambience of the library, and warmed up by the massive hearth fire. Oh, and I ate. A lot. The photos I shared were a small sample of the scads I took during my stay. Read more...

But it’s not all eating and sleeping at the Roxburghe Hotel – of course you would be well satisfied if that was the extent of your stay. What truly sets it apart from the crowd are the various activities available to guests. The hotel stands amidst 50,000 acres of the Roxburghe Estate, and provides everything from golf to shooting to fishing. Read more...

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The Roxburghe Hotel, Kelso, Scottish Borders

The Scottish Borders are an undeniably beautiful place. The gentle, rolling hills and sheep-strewn fields hiding the ruined abbeys and peel towers of yesteryear make for exhilarating, if tiring, days out. So the question becomes: Where will you rest your head and recover your strength?

Thankfully, the Borders have no shortage of accommodation options – I’ve already detailed the Roulotte Retreat and Whitehouse Country House – but as usual I spend scads of time scouring the interwebs, collecting personal recommendations, and listening to my gut to find the best ones. And it helps that Sarah’s so good at it. Read more...

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Floors Castle, Kelso, Scottish Borders

Kelso is home to the ruins of an ancient abbey, one of Scotland’s best breweries (Tempest), and some of the finest quintessentially Scottish lowland atmosphere. Just beyond the town’s outskirts you can find another home — Scotland’s largest lived-in castle: Floors Castle.

I first spotted Floors Castle on my walk around Kelso. From the bridge over the River Tweed, you can clearly see the immense grandeur of one of Scotland’s great country houses, and up close the magnitude and awe of this structure is only amplified. To be fair, it can be troublesome visiting castles like Floors… Read more...

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