May 2014

The cliff edge at Tantallon Castle looking toward Bass Rock

It has been nearly four weeks since I returned from my trip, and in that time I’ve worked through ideas that came to me in the wilds of southern Scotland. Somewhere along the line I mentioned a series of products and services I had started developing to further my efforts at making Traveling Savage a sustainable business. The reality of travel blogging is that it ain’t easy to earn a buck doing it – at least the way I’ve chosen to do it.

From the inception of this site I knew I wanted it to have a consistent voice that conveyed integrity and expertise.

Four years later, I’m still working on it.

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Alton Albany Farm B&B

Regular readers of Traveling Savage know I take the process of choosing accommodations very seriously, and new readers should know this: I’m something of a homebody and the last thing I want is to find myself in unpleasant straits after a long day out exploring Scotland. Given that I design my trips around a small number of home bases from which I range out, there’s no more important decision in my planning process than the choice of accommodation. Most important of all, perhaps, is my first night “in theater,” so to speak.

My most recent trip – the one that ended just a few weeks ago – started with a bang… Read more...

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The tumbling sun passes beneath the clouds and casts the Tweed valley in soft, peach light. All the lives of men have come into this span of coppery sky and fecund sward and gone, as if raked away by the long, reaching shadows of oak and hawthorn. Here, from Sir Walter Scott’s View, the Scottish Borders lay bare. The secrets of its long-abandoned towers, ruined abbeys, and crumbling forts fill the air, and the Eildon Hills, where the Faery Queen stole Thomas Rhymer away, take on the profile of a colossal face pressing up from the earth to speak them. Read more...

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Trig Point at the top of Traprain Law

Whew! That was a whirlwind of a trip. Now I’m back home in the States with roughly a year’s worth of stories and information to share with you. I had positive impressions of southern Scotland based on the single time I traveled through the region many years ago, but I admit to being surprised at just how much I enjoyed this oft-overlooked region. In far too many peoples’ minds southern Scotland is simply “not the Highlands,” but that is a massive disservice to the area and to yourself – you could be having a great time here.

So yes, the trip was great and I’ve got loads of material from my 3+ weeks on the road… Read more...

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