September 2013


Another summer burns in the flames of the harvest. Here we are again, hurtling toward winter and a revolution into the next number in line. I’m not sad to see summer disappear; autumn has always been my favorite season and one in which I’m usually more productive.

That’s a good thing, too, since this past summer was a huge bust from a productivity standpoint.

Happily, however, I finished the zero draft of my novel in May, just two days before I left for a month in Spain and Switzerland. Upon returning to the States, we relished our opportunity to host our friends Michael and Katherine… Read more...

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21c Museum Hotel

Just as in Scotland, Kentucky’s distilleries are often deep in the hinterland, where they were once far from the prying eyes of the Pinks. As I pondered the logistics of my trip to explore Bourbon country, I couldn’t ignore the wariness I felt at staying in B&Bs in tiny towns off in the hills. My choices would be mostly shots in the dark, and I just wasn’t comfortable with that (which is funny, considering that’s exactly what I do all over Scotland – go figure). I opted for the city instead, and Louisville became headquarters for the entirety of my jaunt along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

It did not take me long to focus in on the place I wanted to stay: 21c Museum Hotel. Read more...

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Having a Dram at Heaven Hill Distillery

Heaven Hill made it onto my Kentucky Bourbon Trail jaunt because, to be honest, I’d seen their barrels at various distilleries in Scotland. Perhaps that’s not fair to Wild Turkey and Four Roses – the two glaring omissions from my trip – but one tends to make ill-informed decisions when one is ill informed, and by that I mean I should have extended my trip by a day and made a complete circuit of the Bourbon Trail. For as it turns out, Heaven Hill is aptly named.

Let me state it bluntly: If you’ve only got time for one distillery in Bourbon country and you’d like to understand the breadth of Bourbon’s possibilities, go to Heaven Hill. Read more...

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