July 2010

…I read what must be hundreds of travel blog posts each month, and I’m continually impressed, inspired, and confounded by the ronin talent drifting around the internet. For as much traveling as these folks do, it’s incredible they find the time to write – much less produce – thought-provoking and informative pieces… Read more...


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…July was a month of dreams and decisions. My mind burgeoned with images of Argentina, Hungary, South Africa and a number of other possible destinations for my eight one-month trips I’ve slated for the next two years. And decisions, yes, some of those too… Read more...


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…if you’re not careful in your research of international data transfer costs and management of data usage, your bank account can be the victim of a ruthless savaging by your service provider. For the sake of objectivity, I focused on a handful of core phone use-related questions to help me determine the right course of action… Read more...


Blue Air

by Keith Savage · 13 comments

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…the tree-less islands appeared as the pates of drowning sailors, scarcely cresting the sub-arctic waves, the archipelago itself the somber detritus of a tectonic shipwreck. This was a journey to the westerly and distant island of Westray, the final breath of our honeymoon… Read more...


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…as much as Zorba would have you believe that words are wind, that books are worthless and wasteful pursuits, Zorba the Greek, the book by Nikos Kazantzakis, is a gleaming, brimming example of words as life-altering wisdom… Read more...