June 2010

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…the summer is here and with it comes a rapid increase in the flow of time. June proved to be a month of pragmatic thinking for Traveling Savage, as you probably noticed in my posts, but this balloon is taking off… Read more...


…the road trickled beneath the glares of munros, half-mountain half-hill hybrids, that crowded around us, their crowns pressing against the sky… Read more...


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…since I decided to make the leap from working someone else’s dream to working my own, money’s been on my mind a lot. Too much in fact – I agonize over even the smallest purchases, but it’s all in the name of living the dream… Read more...



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…periodically, at indeterminate distances, fireflies flickered like strobe lights to life. We sat in the near dark, an old, deaf lab at our feet, and quietly chatted time to a stand still. Every moment, a firefly. Every one of us, a breathless child clutching an empty jar… Read more...


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…but what happens when you want to elevate travel blogging into a business? The thought has crossed all our minds at one time or another: “how do we make a living out of what makes us happy?”… Read more...