April 2010

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…there’s a soft spot in my heart for singer-songwriters. Just a man and his guitar. David Gray is my favorite of these troubadours… Read more...


Be the Excitement

by Keith Savage · 20 comments

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…so much of life is perception defined by state of mind, and any issues are magnified during travels when failsafe routines and environments aren’t there to fall back on… Read more...


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Time is always compressed in the rear view, isn’t it? Last year seems like last month, last month seems like last week, last week seems like yesterday. And the future feels like the horizon you can never reach… Read more...


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…choosing a quest for your travels is akin to adopting a heroic mindset. This simple act can lend you strength in the difficult times and the satisfaction of accomplishing what you set out to do… Read more...


The Sessioners

by Keith Savage · 17 comments

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…all around us shop lanterns flared in the dark like torches, while in the bay rainbow-hued fishing boats gradually turned black with the fleeting of the light… Read more...